5 New #WFH Habits We’ve Picked Up in April

5 New #WFH Habits We’ve Picked Up in April

Working from home can be difficult, especially with a sense of uncertainty looming around in the midst of COVID – 19. Today, we are sharing some tips we find helpful in navigating this new normal.

  1. Morning coffee on the patio
    Starting the day with a cup of coffee (or tea, your choice) from our patio every morning has been our favourite way to get a breath of fresh air while still practicing #socialdistancing. With warmer weather coming up, we wear our LASPA sunscreen in SPF 30 whenever we step out. UV rays are invisible and it’s vital that we protect our skin from any prolonged sun exposure.
    LASPA mineral sunscreen in SPF30: https://www.laspanaturals.com/product/laspa-spf3o-natural-mineral-sunscreen/
  2. Cook at home
    Before the pandemic, we would often designate a few nights throughout the week for ordering in. Pizza, curry, sushi, you name it. These days, we are staying home and making our favourite meals in the kitchen. It brings a sense of calm to the table.
    After a few weeks of experimenting, we are happy to announce that this habit is here to stay, even after the pandemic. Bon appetit mag (link attached) recently published a series of recipes to guide us through this uncertain time with the intention of keeping our stomachs well fed. The post featured recipes ranging from five ingredients lunches to dinners that freeze well (for those lazy days). Our favourite on rotation has been the Green Goodness Crunch Sandwich (linked attached). It’s spring and hope on a plate.
    Bon appetit recipes: https://www.bonappetit.com/gallery/cooking-at-home-coronavirus
    Green goodness crunch sandwich: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/green-goddess-crunch-sandwich
  3. Wash hands thoroughly before meals
    According to public health Canada, we need to scrub our hands with soaps for at least 20 seconds before we enjoy our meals. It’s a habit that we need to get into, and we are getting better! We are doing all we can to combat this pandemic and to remain safe and healthy. We hope you are too, we are all in this together. Check out Green Cricket Natural Foaming Hand Wash: https://www.greencricket.ca
  4. Schedule time off (so you actually take the evening off!)
    We are still working on this one. Admittedly, it’s not easy to switch off our work mode when the days seem to blend in with each other. To maximize our days, we try to create a structure (emails → meetings & calls → audits & content creation) that’s productive yet versatile. The secret? Schedule a few evenings off to make sure you start the next day well restored.
  5. Amplified your skincare game
    With all the extra time we’ve got now, it makes sense for us to spend more time pampering our skin. We love our 10% glycolic acid overnight treatment and we’ve been reaching for it more than ever during this time. Apart from the naturally derived glycolic acid, It’s also formulated with other hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and white willow bark extract. Other than applying the overnight treatment, we are drinking lots of water (staying hydrated) and focusing on moisturizing areas such as the eyes, T-zone and the neck.
    LASPA overnight treatment: https://www.laspanaturals.com/product/laspa-intensive-anti-aging-glycolic-peel/